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Every Sunday.
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Nail trims are $12*, additional $5 for nail grinding. Cash Only!

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Every animal is unique, which is why we take an individualized approach to pet health and longevity.

Are you looking to build a better raw bowl or have questions about natural supplements? Our experts can help guide you in-store.

New to raw or an experienced feeder, we stock the largest variety of raw products in New England, including the highest quality raw food, bones, and supplements for puppies, kittens, adult, and senior pets.

A transparent, unbiased look into the pet food industry and science-based advice and tips to enrich your pet’s life.

Why Accurately Measuring Your Pet’s Food is Essential

One of the easiest steps we can take to better our pets’ health is to measure their food accurately. Being attentive to meal portion size is an important detail for maintaining not just our pet’s weight, but their whole body health.  Why ‘Eyeballing’ Isn’t Enough Feeding your pet the right amount of food is crucial for their overall health and well-being. Do you feed a “handful” or a “scoop” of dry food? Do you just fill your pet’s bowl? If so, exactly how much is that “scoop” or “handful”? Is your measurement more or less than a cup?

Pet Allergy Tests: Explained

Have you noticed your dog is extra itchy at certain times of the year or after eating certain foods? There are many factors to consider before performing an allergy test for your dog. Here’s what you need to know about allergy tests for pets.

The Little-Known Benefits of Feeding Eggshell Membranes

Egg membranes are often overlooked as a potential source of nutrition for pets. However, they contain important nutrients that can benefit your dog’s or cat’s health. The egg membrane is the thin layer that separates the eggshell from the egg white. It comprises two distinct layers: the outer and inner membranes. Both of these layers are edible and contain various nutrients.

The Humble Egg: A Nutrition Powerhouse

As pet owners, we want to provide our pets with the best nutrition possible. With so many pet food options available, knowing what to feed your pet can be challenging. Eggs are a great source of protein and nutrients for humans, but what about pets? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and risks of feeding eggs to your pets.

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