Exploring the Pandemic Pet Food Supply Chain Challenges

Have you noticed empty shelves in your grocer’s pet food aisle? Are you having a hard time finding your pet’s food, even from online retailers? Discover the reasons behind these shortages and learn why independent pet stores offer a reliable solution to your pet food supply concerns.

The Covid-19 Supply Chain Ripple

Some pet food brands, including Nestle Purina, Royal Canin, FreshPet, and even prescription diets, continue to see delays and shortages amidst the pandemic.

fully stocked pet food

Shelves remain fully stocked at NorthPoint Pets despite supply shortages at large retailers.

These shortages have occurred everywhere from big box stores to vet offices. Inclement weather, ingredient sourcing delays, labor shortages, and importation delays due to COVID safety measures have all contributed to empty shelves. Some formulas have been modified or discontinued altogether due to sourcing challenges.  Additionally, the sky-rocketing adoption rates have raised demand for pet food. Together these factors complete this equation for out-of-stock products.  

Advantages of Small Independent Retailers

Unlike supermarkets and big box stores, independent pet stores have weathered the COVID storm with fully stocked shelves and a greater selection throughout. Small retailers have closer relationships with a variety of distributors. Consequently, they have greater access to more products if one distributor runs out. Plus, indie pet staff can provide up-to-date information – meaning they’re more likely to have the answers to your questions and solutions for your concerns regarding your pet’s diet.  If you’re concerned about your pet’s food supply, stop in to your local small pet retailer for honest, appropriate recommendations and accurate information. 

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Don’t despair if you’re worried about your pet’s food supply. Independent pet stores offer a reliable solution with fully stocked shelves and a wide selection of products. Visit your local small pet retailer for honest recommendations, appropriate solutions, and accurate information.