Into Pet Nutrition?

I often get asked where I learned ‘everything’ I know about pet nutrition. The truth is, the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know… that’s because nutrition, much like medicine, is an art. It will be applied differently based on the situation in front of you which can have a lot of variables. My knowledge is a combination of both eclectic formal and informal education in both human and animal sciences in addition to my experience over the last 14 (almost 15) years. If I am to be honest, much of what I was taught within the first half of my journey is either obsolete or has been proven wrong which shows just how fluid the field is – but is what I find so fascinating. The answers are always changing, and they certainly aren’t simple or easy.


All of these things considered there are some fantastic resources for nutrition that are rooted in science. One of my favorites is a book by Linda P. Case called Dog Food Logic. The title says it all really, as it introduces logic into the equation. Much of the market is so polluted by marketing, and false claims that make that pet food aisle so overwhelming – even for those of us that ‘know what we’re talking about’


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