NorthPoint Pets’ Cammack Invited to Speak About Pet Food Safety at International Conference

August 10, 2022


CHESHIRE, Conn. — Nicole Cammack, animal nutrition researcher, doctoral candidate, and owner of NorthPoint Pets & Company, has been invited to speak at the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) annual conference in Barcelona, Spain.


Cammack will present “Evolving the Narrative: Known & Unknowns About Pet Food Safety” at the prestigious event on September 24. 


The annual RFVS conference has garnered a reputation as a key meeting among some of the world’s top veterinarians and veterinary nurses pursuing science-based research on raw and fresh feeding for pets. 


“I am honored to have been invited to speak at such a prestigious conference,” said Cammack. “Sharing my research and insights on pet food safety, whether that food is raw or processed, will hopefully add to our shared knowledge of improving the quality of food we provide to our pets.”   


The 2022 conference, “How Safe Is Their Food,” will be held in Barcelona and can also be available online. More information about the event and affordable tickets for the virtual conference can be found at


Nicole Cammack is the founder & owner of multiple-award-winning NorthPoint Pets & Company. She has completed undergraduate work in biological sciences and business. She earned an M.S. in nutrition and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in comparative biomedical sciences (canine nutrition/metabolomics) at the University of Georgia. 


As a consultant, Cammack has worked on multiple R&D projects for the pharmaceutical industry and has been heavily involved in police canine nutrition to improve care and feeding. 


Her research interests include working dog nutrition, raw feeding, pathogens, metabolomics, and nutrition’s relationship to disease in humans and canines. Her current research explores the canine urinary metabolome and the connection to diet.



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