4 Easy Ways to Prepare for the Most Inconvenient Events

Not all pet emergencies are life-threatening. Some are simply inconveniences that always seem to happen at 5 p.m. on a Friday when your vet is going home for the weekend.

When that happens, you need to be your pet’s first responder. This means having the right tools on hand to successfully deal with these “urgent care” but not “emergency care” issues.

Based on our experience, here are the top four items you should always have readily available in your home.

  1. Skunk Shampoo. One of life’s rules is that your pet will get sprayed by a skunk after business hours.  Always keep a bottle of Skout’s Honor Skunk Odor Eliminator in your bathroom – maybe two bottles because some dogs just aren’t fast learners when it comes to skunks.

Pro Tip: If your pet has an unfortunate encounter with a skunk, DO NOT bathe them. Skunk spray spreads like oil, so contact with water will only spread the oil and make it more stubborn to remove. Follow our guide here for directions.

  1. Pumpkin. What’s worse than a pet with diarrhea? Maybe a pet who lost a fight with a skunk and has diarrhea? Diarrhea is another medical event that happens where there is carpet and after your vet is closed. Our favorite home remedy for combating diarrhea is pumpkin. Pumpkin is a simple, easy shelf-stable item that can work wonders for an upset belly because it’s rich in fiber. Our favorites are Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up Pouches because they are single serving so you don’t have to use a whole can of pumpkin before it spoils. 
  2. Styptic powder. If you’ve ever trimmed your pet’s nails too short and cut the quick (inner vein), you know first hand just how much they can bleed. Styptic powder acts as a coagulant to help the blood clot to stop the bleeding. Since it works on any open (bleeding) wound, it’s an excellent tool to keep in your emergency kit.
  3. Tick Key. Nuisance hitchhiking pets like ticks are never a welcome surprise. No matter where you walk your pet, it’s wise to keep a tick key on hand in case you find one engorged in your pet’s skin because they make tick removal simple and stress-free. Our favorite is The Tick Key.

Remember that any treatment you administer to your pet should be immediately followed up with veterinary care. 

If you have questions about what to include in your home pet emergency kit, please stop by the store. We have a lot of experience on the most common ailments and injuries our customer’s pets experience and would love to help you be better prepared to help your pet.

*This article is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to provide medical advice or replace the advice of a qualified veterinarian.