Five Things I’ve Learned at NPP

Since I started working at NorthPoint Pets and Company I have learned many things from customer service, social media, marketing, retail displays, dog nutrition, dog gut health, etc. As I mark five months of working at NorthPoint thus far I wanted to share with you five things I’ve learned while working here! 

1. Hydrating kibble and any protein given to your dog is KEY for adding hydration to your dog’s diet. A lot of people think that adding human broth like chicken soup broth is OK, but I learned that this is way too high in sodium for our pets. The best way to add hydration to your pet’s diet is with bone broth. 

2. When it comes to your dog’s diet, rotational feeding is great. Rotational feeding is highly encouraged to enhance your pet’s diet. I learned that it’s good to have 2 or 3 protein options to rotate between so that the pets don’t get bored. I also learned that when you diversify the diet this way, it boosts gut health and the immune system.

3. Social media is time-consuming but also very fun when creativity comes to mind. I knew that I would enjoy my role here managing the social media pages, but I underestimated just how much time and organization goes into the management of a professional social media page. 

4. Behind the bi-folding doors is where the magic truly happens. Back-end work is very important to keep inventory high and sales afloat: event planning, team education seminars, and so many meetings! A lot goes into running a store that you never see as a customer! 

5. When feeding raw you do not need to feed it 100%. You can add in supplements or toppers. Even 20% raw is a significant amount and is highly encouraged. There’s a ton of research showing that even that small amount of fresh food makes a huge difference in their health! 

Here is only a small glimpse at what I’ve learned thus far being on The NorthPoint Pets team! I am very excited to enhance my knowledge of all the educational benefits that come out of working at NorthPoint!

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