3 Questions to Ask when Finding the Perfect Dog Chew

Who is your chewer?

Breed: Some breeds (such as pitties and shepherds) are known for their jaw strength, while other breeds like collies and terriers) are known for their ability to problem-solve. Is your dog craving a tough chew to gnaw on, or simply needs a chew to keep their mind occupied?

Age: Teething puppies need a slightly softer chew to help soothe sore gums. Similarly, senior dogs may need softer chews for aging teeth. 

Size: Regardless of age and breed, dog size/weight plays a crucial role in choosing any toy or chew. Any chew that is too small for your dog poses a potential choking hazard, so if you’re unsure of which size is best, always size up!

What type of chewer are they?

Extreme: For the toughest chewers, Benebones offer a wide array of sizes and flavors in a long-lasting ergonomically-shaped toy. 

Destructive: Look for durable rubber chew toys (like Kong or West Paw) or strong natural chews such as elk antlers and buffalo horns. 

Picky: Aromatic chews–like bully sticks and pig ears–appeal more to dogs that prefer a tasty chewy treat over a tough bone-type chew. 

Clever: If your dog enjoys a good puzzle, look for rubber toys or natural chew options that allow you to stuff with your own filling. Classic Kong toys are a great entry point for this, or for something more challenging, try the West Paw Toppl. Take it to the next level by putting the filled toy in the freezer for a longer-lasting treat. 

How long do you want it to last?

Quick: For a chew that will keep your pup busy for a short sitting, look for natural digestible chews composed of dehydrated skin, tendon, and cartilage. These include body parts like duck feet, pig ears, and bully sticks. 

Longer: For something that will last longer than a single sitting, try a stuffed marrow bone or Kong toy, a split elk antler, or a water buffalo horn. Himalayan yak milk chews are another option for longer-lasting digestible chews. 

Longest: While chew duration is relative to the size and strength of your dog, some of the longest lasting options available are raw recreational bones, elk antlers, and Benebones. 


Chew toys and treats that work for one dog may not work for another dog. While these recommendations are intended to assist your purchase decisions, accidents happen and there is risk associated with dog chews of any kind. 

*No toy or chew is indestructible. All chews should be fed under supervision only.*