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Our 18 Best Lick Mat Treat Fillers

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Lick mats are an effective tool to help pets that struggle with anxiety. At NorthPoint, we’re frequently asked about lick mat fillers. Here are our top suggestions for lick mat fillers!

4 Tips to Repel Fleas and Ticks, Naturally

We can’t wait to get outside with warm weather right around the corner. But the warm weather also means ticks, fleas, and other pests are out. When it comes to avoiding ticks, harsh pesticide products may not be best for your pet. Instead, here are our best tips to avoid bringing those pesky hitchhikers home with you.

The Good, Better, and Best Dental Care for Your Pet

Oral disease can be caused by diet, genetics, or poor oral care. Poor dental health can lead to other ailments, which is why pet owners should learn how to care for their pet’s teeth early.  As with most ailments, prevention of oral disease is key. Taking preventative steps saves you the time, stress, and money it takes to treat oral disease down the road. 

5 Ways to Engage your Cat with a Busy Schedule

Cats have evolved to keep a rhythm of activities that keep their metabolism in check. This sequence affects every part of their daily metabolic processes, ranging from their hunger and digestion to their grooming and sleep cycles. Let’s take a look at how this rhythm impacts their daily health.