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The Perks of Pumpkin for Pets

Pumpkin is a commonly recommended supplement for dogs and cats for everything from loose stool to constipation to an occasional bowl topper or a regular supplement. But what is it about pumpkin that makes it so great for your pet? Let’s find out what makes this sweet treat a favorite among vets and nutritionists! 

Is ‘Holistic’ Pet Food Safer?

The word holistic started gaining traction in the late 1960’s and has been increasing in popularity ever since. The word has many different meanings to many different people. …

What Makes Our Team Special

The award-winning NorthPoint Pets team is a group of experienced and knowledgeable animal nutrition experts. We are here to help optimize your pet’s health!

5 Important Tips You Need to Know About Pet Hydration

Water is vital for life. In both humans and our pets, water helps regulate body temperature, supports cell function, keeps skin and joints healthy, aids in digestion, and cleanses the body of various toxins. Optimizing our pet’s daily water intake is critical to their well-being and longevity. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD for Pets

Pet owners have been turning to CBD to promote calm and relaxation in the presence of chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. We are frequently asked about CBD, so we wanted to create this quick primer to answer some of your most pressing questions. 

Five Reasons Your Dog Stinks

Yeast overgrowth is a widespread cause of smelly dogs. Yeast has a very distinct musty, pungent odor, often compared to moldy bread or cheese popcorn. Yeast infections most commonly occur in the ear canals or on dogs’ paws….