Cat Hydration Tip (that you probably haven’t heard before):

Do you worry about your cat’s water intake?  Some cats are very particular about their water location and will limit their intake if they aren’t happy with their water options. Here are some tips from NPP:

  • Cats generally don’t prefer having their water next to their food bowl. Placing their bowl on the opposite side of the room, and also offering more than one water bowl in your home can help increase water intake.
  • Use glass or food-grade ceramic bowls that do not have sides that are too high. Often when cats’ whiskers touch the sides of their water (or food) bowl they can experience whisker fatigue. Whisker fatigue can create both food and water aversion.
  • Some metal and plastic materials can be irritating to whiskers, so avoiding these are best!
  • Running fountains can encourage a lot of very picky cats to drink more water.
  • Be sure to change your pets’ water daily and wash water and food dishes thoroughly!