Dr. Nick Thompson’s Interview with Nicci Cammack

Dr. Nick Thompson featured Nicci on his podcast in the UK.

About Dr. Nick Thompson

Dr. Nick Thompson, a highly respected veterinarian and the founder of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS), has earned a prominent position in the field due to his extensive knowledge and expertise in raw feeding. He actively promotes the benefits of raw food diets for pets and advocates for improved pet food standards. Dr. Thompson’s work with the RFVS involves providing pet owners with invaluable guidance and support in their quest to offer optimal

Dr. Nick Thompson podcast with Nicci Cammack

nutrition for their beloved companions. His unwavering dedication to animal welfare and commitment to advancing the industry have rightfully established him as a leading authority in raw feeding, garnering recognition not only within the veterinary community but also throughout Europe.

So, what did they talk about?

It’s a loaded hour with discussion on differences between European and U.S. pet food standards, raw food, recalls and what pet owners can do to improve the

industry. The podcast provided valuable insights into the contrasting pet food standards between Europe and the U.S. Nicci highlighted the benefits of raw food diets, the importance of recalls, and practical steps for pet owners to contribute to a healthier industry. By making informed choices and supporting positive change, pet owners can ensure their beloved companions’ well-being and shape a brighter future for the pet food industry.

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