NorthPoint Featured Pet: Meet Gus!

You asked us to feature your pet! So we did!


What’s your pet’s name? His nickname is “Gus”

Where’d the name come from? My fiancé named him. She likes beauty and the beast. Gaston is the villain. 

How did you meet? We got him from a breeder in the area. My beloved boxer, Chief, passed away two years ago, and with remote working becoming prevalent during the pandemic, I started to get the itch for another four-legged friend. I randomly encountered the breeder on a local walking trail, and she had one of her young boxers with her. I took her info, and a few months later, when she had another litter, we picked out Gaston!

Favorite food? His favorite food is cheese of any kind. 

Favorite game? He loves to chase his tennis balls, that’s his favorite play activity. 

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