Provider Spotlight: Willow River Dog Training

Rebecca Eble, the remarkable force behind Willow River Dog Training, has always been drawn to the enigmatic world of our four-legged companions. Her journey, stemming from a childhood fascination with animals, led her to a profession where she now transforms the lives of both pets and their owners. 

A Lifelong Love of Dogs

Rebecca Eble with her dog Wolfgang

Rebecca with her dog Wolfgang

“Growing up, ” she recalls, “I always had a dog by my side. Through my interactions with them, I developed a strong interest in understanding their behavior and how to communicate with them effectively.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the pet industry, Rebecca’s journey is an inspiring testament to her unwavering dedication. She spent 11 years in veterinary medicine as a hospital manager in a thriving three-doctor practice, honing her knowledge and deepening her connection with animals. In addition to this hands-on experience, she earned a bachelor’s degree in animal behavior and a certification as a professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

The Birth of Willow River Dog Training

Nine years ago, she took a bold, entrepreneurial step by founding Willow River Dog Training. Starting small, she offered services like dog walking, boarding, and leash lessons. As word spread about her effective training methods and the incredible results she achieved, her clientele grew exponentially. 

Now, her business thrives with specialized programs for puppies, reactive dogs, and pet dogs and options for clients who desire off-leash respect and socialization for their canine companions.

Rebecca’s training methods are grounded in a balanced approach that prioritizes rewarding desired behaviors over punishing unwanted ones. She believes in creating a joyful and engaging learning experience for both pets and owners. This philosophy builds trust, strengthens the pet-owner bond, and fosters harmonious relationships. Rebecca’s approach is practical, humane, and uniquely tailored to each pet’s needs, ensuring lasting success and behavior change.

Personalized Solutions for Every Pup

One of the hallmarks of Willow River Dog Training is Rebecca’s commitment to personalized solutions. She acknowledges that dogs have unique personalities, learning styles, and behavioral challenges. Rebecca invests time in comprehending each pet’s specific needs and tailors training programs accordingly. Together with her assistant Kristin, they prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring pet owners feel supported and empowered throughout the training process.

Rebecca’s expertise shines through challenging cases like dogs with severe fear-based aggression. One memorable success story involved a dog that exhibited extreme reactivity and aggression towards strangers. Through meticulous counter-conditioning, desensitization techniques, and clear communication with the owner, Rebecca’s consistent training and behavior modification over several months led to a remarkable transformation. 

“Working closely with the owner, we were able to significantly reduce this dog’s fear and aggression,” says Rebecca. “Putting in the quality reps with the owner and the dog allowed her to regain control, improve communication,  and dramatically improve their quality of life.”

Crafting Customized Training Plans

For Rebecca, customization is the cornerstone of her approach. She conducts comprehensive assessments with individual pets, considering their unique needs, history, breed, and behavior patterns. This detailed understanding allows her to craft customized training plans that align with the pet’s personality, learning style, and specific challenges.

Rebecca’s commitment to ongoing education and training ensures that she offers the best possible service to her clients. She remains dedicated to staying current with the latest dog training and behavior research and techniques. Her passion is helping dogs and their owners forge balanced and harmonious relationships. Rebecca is proud to serve her local community and eagerly anticipates helping more pets and owners in the future.

Paw by Paw, Creating Harmony

 “My journey has been a labor of love, and I cherish every moment,” says Rebecca. “My mission is to continue creating harmony between pets and their devoted owners, one paw at a time.”