Q & A Session with Morgan

What brought you to NPP?

I joined NPP with an eagerness to learn more about pet nutrition and to use that knowledge to help people and pets who need it most. I started out at Branford Veterinary Hospital in 2018 with no previous experience in veterinary medicine and by 2021 I was a certified veterinary technician. Both of my dogs (Tyson and Pongo) are what built my strong interest in nutrition on top of already working in the field as well. When you have pets that need preventative care to avoid future costs- you do what you have to do. And in my case, that was learning and educating myself on behalf of each of their nutritional needs.

Tell us about your pets!

In 2016, my boyfriend and I adopted Tyson our pit mix from a rescue in Waterbury. Just like any other pit or pit mix, he came with the upset belly, itchy skin, picky eater – you name it he has it. I originally thought back then that the things I was doing for him were everything I could be doing but, I just gave him the best off-the-shelf dog food I could afford.

After feeding Tyson like that for 18 months, I realized something needed to change to improve his health so I started looking at ways to improve his diet. I was referred to NPP (Thomaston Feed at the time) and that is when I received the help that I needed all along. Food and treat trials you name it. We got him on a kibble that suited his needs best and I learned along the way the information a pet owner would need to know about how to pick the right food.

Then came Pongo, our Dalmatian, in 2018. Dalmatians are a unique breed and of course, a very cool breed to say the least. But after owning and taking care of this breed, I can say hands down, if someone were to get a Dalmatian, they MUST do their research (that goes for any specific breed). Pongo at about 8 ½ weeks old was urinating almost a milky substance. Dalmatians are prone to forming stones through genetic mutation in their breed. They carry a certain crystal in their urine- ammonium biurates- which is normal in dals and a couple of other breeds but if seen in any other breed this would be abnormal. Seeing the presence of these crystals is okay to see in dals but the whole point is to maintain a healthy diet by paying close attention to their purine intake which will help prevent the forming of stones. After the endless (to this day) research and discussion with Nicci in depth about Pongo and what I can do for him to avoid anything down the road- we came to an agreement and that is when we started him on half raw half kibble diet with supplements included. Both of my dogs are my babies, and I would do anything for them!!!

What do you enjoy most about working at NPP?

I enjoy my team. The team here at NPP is like no other. Talking from education down to personalities. Everyone here at NPP makes each day different and I constantly can learn something new every day. We are here to help educate and watching the team do this every day during the shift is amazing. Each case handed to us is so different and I enjoy learning how to handle a different case each time. 

What is your pet’s favorite treat/toy from NPP?

Both Tyson and Pongo LOVE the frozen raw duck or turkey necks. Especially in the summer where they can just go in the yard and enjoy their snack. Now, I love the frozen raw duck/turkey necks as it is a super beneficial way of helping their dental health and keeping their mind occupied. 

What is your favorite product to recommend and why?

There are 2 products that are favorites of mine, not necessarily by name but in general. I love to discuss with customers hip & joint products and omega-3’s. It is super beneficial for each patient (especially those prone to certain health issues) to be on a joint aid and an omega-3 supplement lifelong. Both products are super preventative for long-term health. Joint supplements are great for the joints and help keep them strong and steady. Omega-3’s have a ton of great benefits: brain health, heart health, anti-inflammatory, vision health, and growth. Just like in humans, you do not want something getting to a point where medicine is your only route to take. If it can be prevented, why not try as early as possible to prevent it? 

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to spend it with my dogs and boyfriend either hiking/walking/or just hanging around in the backyard. If I am not spending my time with my little family, I am either with my family (I have a good amount of nieces and nephews ), attending my boyfriend’s softball games on Thursday nights, and/or laying out by the pool enjoying time in the sun!

What is something you have learned while working at NPP?

Ask questions!!! If there is one thing I can take away from my career with NPP, it is to tell our customers to always ask questions. Everyone should know why their beloved pet would need a certain recommendation, what is it for, how it should be used, etc. 

Yes, we can be told after our pet’s annual bloodwork results that a certain vitamin, supplement, kibble, and/or wet food is recommended but why? I want to know why each and every recommendation is necessary and its purpose for my pets. [vc_row_inner content_placement=”middle”][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”8293″ img_size=”full”]Tyson & Pongo[vc_column_inner width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”8294″ img_size=”full”]Tyson[vc_column_inner width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”8291″ img_size=”full”]Pongo