Dirty Dog Doormats: The Secret to Clean (Pet-Friendly) Floors

We know the drill: you’ve meticulously swept, mopped and polished your hard floors to a beautiful sparkling finish. And then you let the dog in, and in less than a minute your hard work is covered in dirt, sand, grass clippings, and paw prints. Ugh.

And cat people can relate to the struggle, too. We’re looking at you – brushing the scattered cat litter from your feet before putting your socks on. We get it!

As pet lovers ourselves, we’ve managed to find the best solution for keeping your floors a bit cleaner: Dirty Dog Doormats. These bad boys are incredibly versatile, durable, and absorbent. They’re made of 100% microfiber – a natural vacuum for dirt, dust, and whatever else gets tracked in on furry paws. These mats can absorb up to seven times their weight in moisture and are 100% machine washable. Just shake them out to release any trapped dirt and wash them according to the instructions.

One quick pass over this mat will show just how much water, dirt, hair or slobber it can pull off your shoes, boots, or paws! But the possible uses of these mats don’t stop at the door – they can do so much more…

  • A towel. Because they absorb so much so quickly, they are sure to reduce the dry time of your furry companion’s coat after a bath or a walk in the rain. The sooner he’s dry, the sooner cuddling can commence!
  • A car seat cover. If your dog enjoys a good romp in the dirtiest puddles while on your adventures, you probably want to clean off those paws before he jumps into your clean car. Use them to cover your seats and say goodbye to those muddy paw prints. They’ll keep your car seat clean while pulling off the dirt from your dog’s coat and paws!
  • A cat litter mat.  Yes, seriously. Tried and tested by our own staff, this mat literally GRABS the litter right off those little paws and keeps it from tracking all over your floors!
  • A travel bed or crate mat. These magnificent mats are wonderfully soft and plush, making them a great impromptu sleeping area to keep Fido off the cold floor.
  • A food and water bowl mat. If you’ve got a messy eater or a slobbery pup, these are perfect to keep your floors clean and dry.

The possibilities are endless, no matter how dirty your dog (or cat) is!


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