What Makes Our Team Special

The award-winning NorthPoint Pets team is a multidisciplinary group of experienced and knowledgeable animal nutrition experts. 

Our team receives extensive training to optimize your pets’ health through nutritional counseling, custom-designed meal plans, and working with local veterinarians and national experts.

In-Depth Training

We strive to provide you with the latest, most accurate, research-based information. Every team member undergoes ongoing training sessions to stay current on the newest pet nutrition science. 

That training begins with our comprehensive in-house pet nutrition curriculum. This includes an orientation to all departments and products broken down by individual pet needs. We also provide continuing education on the latest research and best practices in pet nutrition. 

The training isn’t based on a pet food company’s bias or an uncredentialed online course. Industry experts in veterinary science and animal nutrition teach our programs. They dive deep into the science behind the products, focusing on the knowns as well as the unknowns. 

But we don’t stop there.

Since we want to deliver a consistent and seamless experience to our customers, we also participate in ongoing training. As scientists make new discoveries, the knowledge base changes. 

Our goal isn’t to be “right.” It’s to provide the best information available. 

We pride ourselves on having the honesty to say “things have changed” or “more information has become available.”

Each week, team members are assigned new reading material to further their education, from mastering training tools on specific topics to gaining a deeper understanding of general pet health and wellness.


Since we don’t operate in a vacuum, everything we learn is shared in the spirit of collaboration. We discuss and objectively review this information with other team members and continually find ways to use that knowledge to better serve your pets.

To keep our skills even sharper, we meet once a month to collectively discuss training and specific pet nutrition challenges. We also use this time to critically examine new products on the market. Our brand reps present their products, allow us to sample items, and even allow us to raise concerns. We often challenge their assumptions so we can gain a deeper understanding of their products. 


In addition to our world-class experience and extensive ongoing education, we pride ourselves on helping you do what’s best for you and your pet. 

At NorthPoint Pets, there is no cookie-cutter advice because we know each pet is different and has unique needs. We also understand that each human has varying degrees of experience and knowledge regarding pet nutrition. This means that two pet parents may receive two different sets of advice despite having similar concerns. We consider many aspects of the pet’s lifestyle, including health status, veterinary collaboration, age, exercise, diet, breed, and even owner lifestyle and preferences. In other words – we will meet you where you are!

That’s why we believe there are no silly questions. 

After all, our extensive knowledge is pointless if we can’t use it to effectively help you and your pet live a healthier lifestyle. Every team member strives to have a deeper understanding of your pet’s specific needs. We consider our patrons to be our extended family members. 

We know our regulars by name, their favorite treats, and even where each pup loves to be rubbed the most.

We are NorthPoint Pets

We are passionate about animal nutrition and science. 

We are enthusiastic believers in total product transparency. 

We strive to make every customer experience positive and educational.

We want you to make informed decisions about which products and foods best align with your pet’s unique needs.

Please contact us for more information about nutrition basics, tools, and resources. Feel free to visit the store and talk to any one of our team members to learn how to feed your pet the best possible foods.