From a Vet Tech: “Why I Add Fresh Food for my Dogs”

As an experienced dog owner, I understand the importance of providing a well-rounded diet. In this blog, I’ll share my experience and insights on the benefits of incorporating fresh foods into your canine companion’s kibble-based diet. Learn how these simple additions can promote hydration, improve coat and skin health, and support overall well-being for your beloved pets.

How I feed my dogs

I have three dogs: Tyson (a Pit mix), Pongo, and Lila (the Dalmatians). I rotate the protein choices for their kibble every bag. Since I feed a primarily kibble diet, I like to add a lot of fresh foods to their bowls like raw meat toppers, raw organic eggs, goat milk, bone broth, blueberries, green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, bananas, the list can keep going. All of these toppers are great sources of moisture being added to the diet, as kibble is very dehydrating to our pet’s body and organs.

What fresh foods do I add?

I add blueberries as they’re a great source of antioxidants and beneficial to the immune system. Adding certain leafy greens, such as romaine lettuce, kale,

Why I add fresh food to my dogs' kibble

Morgan with her dogs Tyson and Pongo

 collard greens, are great sources of natural fiber. Raw organic eggs are full of amino and fatty acids and amazing for skin and coat health. While feeding raw eggs you can also feed the shell (farm fresh only- as store bought egg shells can be bleached and can contain chemicals). The shell is a great natural source of calcium, helping to support strong bones and teeth. Let’s not forget about adding the eggshell membrane as well! The white membrane of the eggshell is full of collagen which is amazing for supporting and/or rebuilding joints.

Why do I add fresh food?

The biggest benefit of adding fresh foods and toppers is I have peace of mind knowing that my dogs stay hydrated — not just from their water bowls. On top of that, their coats shine, their teeth are pearly white, they’re fit and lean, and they’re happy! 

I pay extra close attention to my Dalmatians’ diet because the breed is prone to creating urinary crystals and stones. Their genetics create an overabundance of uric acid in the urinary tract therefore leading to the creation of urinary stones. That being said, I focus on keeping them hydrated because it helps to flush some of the uric acid out. Since adding fresh food to my Dalmatians’ diet, their urinalysis results have been much better and a significant decrease in crystals as well!

Even something as simple as adding filtered water or fresh fruit and vegetables to a pet’s diet can go a long way for the pet’s health. Hydration is a huge key when being fed primarily dry based kibble food.