How Fresh Food Transformed Briggs’ Health

Briggs was described to us through the rescue owner as a “bulletproof dog.” That nickname is something that has stuck with me for years and it’s become the most accurate statement about our beloved pitbull. 

Briggs was found tied to a pole on a street in the Bronx. He was reported to Regina (the rescue owner) and she took him under her wing. He was malnourished, had a necrotic tail, and was left in the heat for days. 

Our other dog, Loki, really connected with Briggs and they quickly formed a strong bond. Once Briggs came home with us, he immediately made himself at home and fit right in with our family. 

We didn’t know much about Briggs’ old life, but we wanted to give him the best. He was happy to try anything we put in his bowl. He used to eat kibble, but we started giving him fresh food knowing that there would be a process of trial and error. 

We saw the changes right away. Fresh food made him even more energetic, which we didn’t think was possible. We also noticed that his coat became thicker and softer.  His breath also improved significantly!

Along with the raw, I made sure he got fresh fruit and veggies every day including fresh berries, broccoli, green beans, and spinach. I switch his fruits and vegetables up so he gets the health benefits from the variety.

I wanted to cut back on kibble and feed 100% raw, so I started decreasing his kibble and replacing it with raw food. He loves all different proteins and luckily no allergy symptoms ever arose. 

I started adding a raw egg and coconut oil about twice a week to bowl as well. He does tend to lose one patch of fur on his head, which we saw a specialist about. After reviewing the test results, no significant factors stood out. However, I continue to monitor his condition closely and apply coconut oil daily because it’s rich in Omega-3s and beneficial for his skin.

As a preventative measure, I added glucosamine to his bowl for his joint health.

We switch his proteins and all of his toppers so he doesn’t get bored. Plus, he benefits from what nutrients each different food provides.

Briggs came to us from the streets where street scraps were his source of food and now eats his meals which are loaded with raw meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and other bowl boosters. He absolutely loves mealtime and keeps us young with his energy and happy disposition.

Briggs is about seven years old and plays as if he’s a puppy, sleeps as comfortably as a hibernating bear, and just loves everyone. He always wants companionship, like a giant lapdog—even though he’s 70 pounds!

Briggs has been there for us during tough times, like when we lost his brother Loki, and now he’s a big brother to his human sister. I know he’s ecstatic about his meals because he wiggles with excitement!