How Nutrition Keeps My Senior Dog Thriving

When I took Kingsley home back in 2018, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

A Senior Dog’s Story

A man showed up after saving this dog from someone else who wanted to euthanize him. Kingsley was estimated to be 10-12 years old, emaciated, anemic, dirty, and teeth rotting out of his mouth. The man then offered him to me after getting a very expensive estimate for care, so I came home with a new dog that day. 

A New Beginning for Kinglsey

We scheduled his dental and neuter as I was concerned about his prostate being slightly enlarged. Even for the rough shape he was in, Kingsley was the sweetest little guy. He was so easy going, quiet, and got along with every animal and person he met. 

After his dental procedure, I started him on wet food as he only had 6 teeth left. He seemed interested in my Chihuahua’s kibble (Health Extensions Little Bites) so I let him go for it, and he loved it! I still mixed in wet food or hot water to make it easier for him but he had a great appetite. 

Initially, his legs were weak, and he had arthritis. So, I introduced him to glucosamine to help him out.

In about two months, with quality food, omega and glucosamine supplements, and laser therapy, he seemed to be getting younger! In six months, he transformed into a completely different dog.

His coat grew back, transforming from shaggy and rough to the beautiful long Pekingese coat he should have. I don’t really know his exact age, but watching him regain strength and energy felt like hitting the jackpot.

Transforming the Life of a Senior Dog

Fast forward four years, Kingsley is still going strong. I attribute his vitality to the good food and supplements he’s had. Just when he was becoming a fussy eater, I joined NorthPoint and learned about the benefits of fresh food for seniors – just in time. By now, Kingsley had become choosy, liking only a few types of wet food and eating only small amounts at a time. I knew he wasn’t getting enough calories to stay healthy. So, I switched him to a lightly cooked diet that he thankfully enjoyed, and it’s been working well for us in recent months.

For a dog estimated to be 14 years old, he still has those bursts of energy, what we call the “zoomies.” I’m hoping for a few more good years with my furry friend, Kingsley.