Petey’s Nutrition Story: From Shelter to Wellness

A Chance Enounter

I saw a post on Facebook by an animal control officer I’ve known for years. She was looking for foster families for dogs that had been in kennels for almost two years. These dogs were taken from a supposed “rescue” operation, and their court cases were still pending, so they couldn’t be adopted yet. I offered to help by fostering one. She had a dog in mind for me. When I met him, I was surprised by how small he was. I’ve always preferred big dogs. But I agreed to foster him, thinking I could return him later.

A New Best Friend

As time passed, I found myself getting attached to the little dog I came to call Petey. He won me over quickly with his big personality. He’s a mix of chihuahua and something else. He’s got some typical chihuahua traits, like always feeling cold and wanting to be close to me. He’s always seeking love, attention, and food. But he doesn’t bark or whine a lot, and he’s not aggressive at all.

A Healthier Diet for Petey

When I first took in Petey, I asked Nicci at NorthPoint about his food. She suggested high-quality kibble, which he did fine on. No health issues or skin problems. But when I started learning more about nutrition at NorthPoint, I switched him to dehydrated food, and then to full raw. Since the switch, I’ve noticed his coat is healthier, he has smaller poops, and he lost some weight. I’ve had Petey for almost 9 years now, and he’s my best buddy. I want him to stay healthy and happy as long as possible. Keeping him at a good weight is important for his joints, and I believe a raw diet is the way to go for that.

Supplements for a Healthy Senior

Recently, I added some supplements to his routine. He’s a small dog, so his joints aren’t a major concern, but his front legs are a bit bent, and he’s over 11 years old. I didn’t think he really needed glucosamine, but once he started taking it, I saw him moving better and having less trouble getting up and down within days. Besides glucosamine, he also gets pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes for his gut health.

Lessons Learned

Before getting Petey, I thought all dogs just ate kibble, and the brand didn’t matter much. But the more I learned, the more I realized that like humans, pets benefit from less processed food. I try to eat healthy, fresh food, so why not do the same for my dog?