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heartworm prevention and treatment

Heartworm Prevention and Treatment for Dogs

If your dog does become infected with heartworm, prompt diagnosis and treatment can help increase their chances of full recovery.

Pet Food Rotation Guide

The Essential Guide to Rotating Your Pet’s Meals

Food rotation is one of our best suggestions to improve your pet’s nutrition. We dove in to answer all your questions about when, why, and how to change up your pet’s food!

Provider Spotlight: Meriden Animal Hospital

Experience excellence in pet care at Meriden Animal Hospital, with proactive wellness, specialist expertise, and comprehensive nutrition and pet care.

A Senior Cat’s Second Chance: A Raw Diet Success Story

Discover Ferguson’s Raw Feeding Transformation – a cat’s path to health and happiness.

Boost Your Pet’s Immunity: A Quick Guide to Natural Supplements

Discover the impact of the right supplements, from medicinal mushrooms to omega-3 fatty acids, on your pet’s immune health and overall well-being.