The NorthPoint Delivery Jeep got a makeover!

In classic 2020 fashion, online retailers have truly disrupted the livelihoods of small business owners and the communities they serve – this is especially true for the pet industry. Unknowingly, pet owners are missing out on exclusive independent only products such as treats, food and toys. As a result of online ordering and home delivery gaining popularity we determined it was necessary to offer personalized delivery to our customers who have supported us through all these years. Instead of simply shipping items, we opted to instead perform deliveries ourselves providing more control and personalization to the process!

Orders can be placed by simply calling 203-271-0111 (Yes, you can speak to a real human!) or even by going to our ONLINE STORE (please link this). We’ll be happy to hand pick your exact shopping list, or even personally shop for thoughtful treats and toys. Our team is well trained and experienced to make the perfect recommendation to help keep your pet happy, entertained and you stress-free!

Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo

NorthPoint Pets & Company wins “Best Single Store Retailer” at Global Pet Expo 2020 in Cheshire, CT. Congrats!

Empowering Pet Health: Celebrating founder, Nicole Cammack’s Dedication to Pet Health


ATLANTA, February 12, 2020—  Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, announced today that founder Nicole Cammack of NorthPoint Pets has been deemed the winner in its Rising 50 club contest, completed January 10, 2020. Sage 50cloud created the contest to honor small business owners who were successfully growing their business. Cammack launched NorthPoint Pets in Connecticut in 2014, as a carefully crafted resource focusing on pet nutrition and behavioral well-being. NorthPoint Pets provides high-quality products, wellness innovation, and personalized options while helping pet parents select healthy foods, and functional supplements with the goal of increasing longevity. Today, NorthPoint Pets employs 13 people.

“Like many in the pet industry, I got started because I had a really sick pet. Conventional veterinary medicine and nutrition simply were not going to work for him. So I left my job in human medicine to pursue a career in animal health and wellness,” explained Nicole.

“I founded NorthPoint Pets with the idea that it would be a resource center; we would not just offer treats and food. Instead, we offer those things and more. We offer advice. We are a trusted resource for pet parents and veterinarians,” she added.

Nicole’s video submission best answered the contest questions of why she started the business; what one thing made her business grow; what was the biggest obstacle to overcome; and what’s the biggest challenge now. Combined with her plans for the grant, she was deemed the winner of the $10,000 award.

“Nicole’s story of business growth, and what she’s doing to support pets, is inspiring,” noted Sage’s Kyle Curry. “She is a great example of what we hoped to hear when we called for entries,” Kyle added.

Nicole will be recognized for her award at Sage Summit in Orlando in May.

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