Looking Back On 2021

2021 was an incredible year for our NorthPoint Pets family! Our team served 35,229 customers, including 1,505 new customers and MANY more pets. The NPP team’s knowledge, dedication, and heart inspire us to continually provide the best for all pets locally and nationally.

Get to Know Our Nail Trimmer Vet Tech Jessica!

If you’ve had an opportunity to bring your pet to have their nails trimmed, you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jessica! We talked with Jessica to get to know a little bit more about her. My name is Jessica Sambiase and I’ve been a veterinary technician at Stone Veterinary for 17 years. I started off in Vet Med as a receptionist with an extremely strong clerical background, and from there I worked my way up the ladder from receptionist to Veterinary Technician in about 7 years. I have worked in general practice with small animals, exotics, and wildlife but also spent 3 years in Houston doing Specialty and Emergency medicine as well. I have also completed Cold Laser Therapy and Fear Free certifications which have just added to my knowledge.

1. Tell us about your background. How did you get into the field of veterinary care?

I actually started in human medicine but learned quickly that it was not for me.

2. You have a ton of notable qualifications to boast about! Can you tell us about them and why they’re important?

I am Fear Free and Cold Laser Therapy certified.

Fear Free is a program that trains professionals to prioritize an animal’s physical and emotional wellbeing. This training is especially important in instances of nail trimming, which can be a stressful event for any pet. This training just benefits me by adding to my skill level as a technician. I love knowing as much as I can and more!

3. What’s the most challenging part of your job as a vet tech?

That is so hard to answer because there are many challenges that range from mental and physical to emotional. Veterinary medicine isn’t always puppies and kittens. Every day something happens to make you question your choice of profession, but the work is rewarding and fills a space in my heart.

4. What is the most FAQ that you get while at NPP?

LOL “What can I do to stop the licking and chewing my dog does constantly?”

5. What is something that surprised you about NPP?

How large the store actually was and also how knowledgeable the entire staff was too.

6. Tell us about your pets!

Right now my family has 6 cats: Nova and Blu are Siamese mixes and Sheba, Smokey, Sage and Jasper are all domestic short hairs. (Smokey made her appearance first then brought us her 3 kittens as well.)[vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”7345″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”7344″ img_size=”full”]

Q & A Session with Caitlyn

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What brought you to NPP/tell us your background?

I was previously working at a different pet store. I realized I found joy working with the customers and their pets, and wanted to do more. NPP really goes the extra mile and I am excited to be a part of it.

What is your super power with NPP?

Versatility. I work equally out in the front with customers, as well as behind the scenes stocking, receiving deliveries, and etc.

Tell us about your pets!

I grew up with a border collie and a black cat. I currently have an almost 2 year old Syrian hamster, named Bugsy. His favorite treat is cheese balls (meant for small pets)!

What do you enjoy most about working at NPP?

The genuine care we have about pet health. Also getting to meet everyone’s pet of course!

Tell us your must-have item from NPP.

A kong knots toy. It’s a great 2 in 1 toy! Starts as a stuffed animal, and on the inside is a rope skeleton.

What is your favorite product to recommend and why?

Bixbi bark pops. They are low-calorie and practically cheese puffs for dogs!

What question do you get asked the most?

“What should I be feeding?” Customers ask this often, whether it’s what food to get or how much of it they should be feeding. It could be because of health reasons for their pet or someone just recommends us! We always get as much information as we can, to provide the best nutritional options.

What is your proudest/most memorable moment since working at NPP?

I’ve already learned so much in a short time. But one thing that immediately stuck with me, is how much a dog should eat per day if eating dry food. Most people tend to overfeed their dogs, sometimes by a lot. A proper diet increases the overall health of the pet.

Ask the Experts Event

Visit us at Olive & Henry Fine Foods for expert pet advice and answers to your nutrition questions.


A Spooooky Good Time

Thank you to everyone who came out to join us for our Halloween Costume Party! We had such a great time and we hope you did too! Of course, the stars of the show were all those doggos in costumes!


Holiday Pet Photo Mini Sessions

with Sara Huber Photography!

Sunday, Nov 14th from 10 AM – 4 PM

$50 per 15 Minute Session | Limited Space Available!

Custom Holiday Cards Available Too!


Adriana Q & A

1. What brought you to NPP/tell us about your background.

I always had a passion and love for animals especially our companion pets. My sister is a Veterinary Technician Assistant at a vet hospital, and I was intrigued every day by what she was learning. I knew I wanted to work with animals but not the medicine aspect. That’s when I stumbled across NPP. Once I discovered that the main focus here is preventative care and the power of nutrition, I just had to become a part of the movement! With such a knowledgeable and passionate staff, I knew I would be in the best of hands to learn the other side of the spectrum.

2. Tell us about your pets!

While I don’t currently have my own fur babies, I am one proud auntie to two amazing little pugs! My nephew Oscar Louis is 9 years old and my niece Hazel Grace is 3 years old. Although Oscar has slowed down some with age, he tries his best to keep up with his little sister. Hazel makes sure to keep him on his toes! They both love walks on the beach or down the street, snacks, their nap time, and lots of cuddles.

3. What do you enjoy most about working at NPP?

I love being able to help/educate pet owners on common issues they may be experiencing with their pets and show them products to guide them to make the best decision for their situation. Being able to give customers proper information is so important in an industry with many different one-sided opinions. Northpoint Pets is all about the facts and studies to back it up and that is something I myself look for, honesty.

4. Tell us your must-have item from NPP.

My must-have item is definitely goat whip. We then mix it with some pumpkin, stuff it in a Kong, and put in the freezer. It makes for a great nighttime snack for the dogs to calm down and relax.

5. What is your favorite toy/treat from NPP?

My favorite toy is Fluff and Tuff! They are very durable but still soft enough for pets to hold/cuddle and also super cute!

6. What is your favorite product to recommend and why?

My favorite product is bone broth. It’s great to use for a picky eater or one who needs to gain an appetite, promotes healthy skin and coat, and aids in gut health and digestion. It also contains collagen which is an amino acid awesome for repairing tissues throughout the body; that includes the lining of the stomach that can become compromised, thus the gut health and joint support. You can add it to kibble for rehydration or serve it by itself![vc_single_image image=”6774″ img_size=”full”]Oscar Louis[vc_single_image image=”6801″ img_size=”full”]Oscar Louis & Hazel Grace[vc_single_image image=”6777″ img_size=”full”]Hazel Grace

2021 Storefront Retailer of the Year by the Independent Pet Innovation Awards


NorthPoint Pets becomes the first-ever single independent store to win the award. 

CHESHIRE, SEPTEMBER 15, 2021– NorthPoint Pets & Company announced today that the company was named the 2021 Storefront Retailer of the Year by the 3rd Annual Independent Pet Innovation Awards. 

NorthPoint Pets was selected from a field of over 1,250 nominees, including other top companies and innovations from across the pet care industry.  

I’m humbled to accept this Pet Innovation Award on behalf of our team at NorthPoint Pets, said Nicole Cammack, NorthPoint Pets & Company’s founder. “To be recognized alongside AirvetPetSafeVetster – and all the other great companies and products serving pets – is truly an honor. This award is wonderful validation of the hard work, dedication, and care that our team delivers to our customers and their pets each and every day.  

The Pet Innovation Award comes on the heels of NorthPoint Pet’s recognition by Pet Business Magazine as the #1 Independent Pet Store in the United States in 2020, solidifying NorthPoint Pet’s reputation as one of the nation’s and region’s premier pet nutrition resource center and supply store. 


The Independent Pet Innovation Awards program is the industry’s most robust recognition platform for innovators and leaders in the pet industry. Judged by senior marketing and product professionals in the pet product space, the coveted Independent Innovation Awards recognize the world’s best pet companies, products and services. 


Located in Cheshire, Connecticut, NorthPoint Pets & Company is more than just a pet store, it’s a nationally recognized Pet Resource Center. NorthPoint Pets provides pets and pet parents with premium food, and unbiased and honest information regarding the care, feeding, and behavioral drivers of dogs and cats. NorthPoint Pets collaborates with pet owners to put every pet on a personalized path to better their nutrition and wellness, keeping pets happy, healthy and safe.  


2021 Storefront Retailer of the Year – Independent Pet Innovation Awards 

2020 #1 Independent Pet Store in the U.S. – Pet Business Magazine  


NorthPoint Pets team

Our Team Answers Your Top 3 Questions About Pet Nutrition

At NPP, we’re passionate about the health and wellness of all your pets. Just for fun, we sat down with each team member individually and asked the same 3 questions, without sharing their answers with the rest of the team. Here are their answers!

If you could give ONE piece of advice to someone feeding kibble, what would it be?

Jenna: Add some fresh food to the bowl.

Beth: Hydrate it.

Savannah: At least hydrate it, always. Kibble is so dehydrating.

Tina: Add SOMETHING fresh.

Nikki: Feed the BEST you can afford, and always add moisture with fresh fruits and veggies.

Nicci: Add SOME fresh food to the bowl.

Caitlyn: Kibble should always be hydrated.

Adriana:  Always hydrate your kibble even if it’s just something as simple as water.

Morgan: Hydrate it.

Mercedes: Hydrate it.

What ONE piece of information do you find yourself repeating most often to pet owners?

Jenna: A little bit of fresh food in the bowl goes a long way!

Beth: You’re overfeeding.

Savannah: At least consider the benefits of a raw diet.

dog fresh food bowlTina: You’re feeding too much.

Nikki: You’re feeding too much.

Nicci: Your dog isn’t allergic to chicken.

Cailtyn: Rotation of flavors/proteins is highly recommended.

Adriana: You’re overfeeding.

Morgan: You’re overfeeding.

Mercedes: Wash your food and water bowls!

What’s the #1 reason you would recommend a fresh food diet to pet owners?

Jenna: Your pet’s health will improve ten-fold by replacing any processed kibble with fresh food. 

Beth: It’s the cleanest way to feed your pet.

Savannah: Because it’s so much better for them – it improves EVERYTHING for your pet.

Tina: For the same reason WE need fresh food in our diet.

Nikki: It’s healthier, for a fuller enriched life.

Nicci: Decreased inflammation.

Caitlyn: A fresh/raw diet is more biologically appropriate for dogs and cats.

Adriana: For their pet’s overall wellbeing and to tackle common health conditions.

Morgan: Fresh food benefits your pet’s whole body – starting with their organs.

Mercedes: It’s super low in carbohydrates.

We’re Retailer of the Year!

We are extremely humbled and grateful to have been named the Pet Product News International “Retailer of the Year” in the health and wellness advocate category at SuperZoo 2021!

We want to take a minute to thank YOU for believing in the independent little guy who puts industry transparency first. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you!